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Groupr is the latest in the photo-sharing community building mobile apps! Our objective is simple: sharing without connecting. Be it Birthdays, Weddings, Events, Stag/Hen nights…. Groupr has you covered. Unlike the rest, we do NOT require you to be connected on social media, have mobile numbers or email addresses before you can share both photos and messages simultaneously as they are taken! With a beautiful design and effortless sharing capabilities, Groupr creates the perfect private, secure platform to keep up with today’s many photo sharing opportunities.Photo-sharing is exciting – sharing photos should be too!
• Putting the fun back in sharing: We are not trying to make a more connected world, we are trying to make a better connected world…. without all the different, confusing methods!
• All for one, one for all: A one stop shop for all your photo and messaging needs! Get them as they are taken and share hassle free; the truly social way.
• One connection linking all: Every group has a unique code which allows users to connect with the group rather than interconnect with each other! Users have a one to one relationship with the group rather than several connections interlinking everyone together.
• Public Groups: For all your advertising needs, create public groups that do not require acceptance for those that want to join the group. To ensure privacy, these are automatically read-only users until changed otherwise!
• Easy to manage access rights: Our simple yet dazzling design permits you to easily change access rights to Admin, Standard and Read-only users.
Download and enjoy! Join Group Code: "WELCOME" to get you started!
For any queries, please contact